A hybrid dental bridge is a bridge that replaces an arch of teeth while supported by dental implants. If all of the teeth in a full dental arch have been lost or extracted due to trauma, decay, advanced periodontal disease, or other conditions, a hybrid bridge may be a good option for restoring your smile’s health, functionality, and appearance. The process of getting a hybrid dental bridge begins with dental implants. We will place several dental implants, usually 4-8, into the jawbone. After a period of healing, which allows the bone tissue to begin to bond with the implants, Dr. Janice Hall Ormsby attaches the hybrid bridge. The bridge is made up of prosthetic teeth set into a gum-colored base. The base attaches to the dental implants for a secure, natural-looking restoration.

Hybrid bridges may replace missing teeth as well as missing gum tissue, giving your smile a beautiful, natural appearance. In addition to enhancing the beauty of your smile, a hybrid dental bridge in Ithaca, New York, can restore your ability to speak and chew properly and improve the shape and volume of your face. Hybrid bridges can be an excellent alternative to traditional dentures for replacing missing teeth. We invite you to contact us at East Shore Dental Care today to learn more about hybrid bridges and to schedule your next visit with our dentist.