ALF stands for Advanced Lightwire Functionals. ALF is an approach to improve the alignment of teeth and the bite without using braces. ALF can be used on its own to help align your teeth or in conjunction with more traditional orthodontic treatment to help speed the process. Dr. Janice Hall Ormsby will work with you to determine which course of therapy is best for your individual needs.

ALF therapy appliances work by fitting to the inside of the dental arches and applying a constant, light pressure to the teeth and the jawbone. ALF can be used to correct orthodontic issues such as a poorly aligned jawbone or a distorted bite. Our dentist may also recommend ALF therapy to offer relief from headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and fatigue.

ALF therapy offers many benefits. ALF is aesthetically pleasing because most of the work is done on the inside of the teeth and is barely detectable from the outside. There is very little discomfort associated with ALF therapy, and this treatment is far less invasive and causes less soreness than traditional braces.

ALF therapy can be used to treat both children and adults, and is unobtrusive and comfortable. If you think ALF therapy in Ithaca, New York, may be a good option for you, please contact East Shore Dental Care for more information and to schedule an appointment.