Functional jaw orthopedics, or FJO, is the process of correcting the jaws so that they are correct in shape, size, and position. FJO is sometimes known by the term “No braces orthodontics,” due to the fact that the jaws and teeth are realigned without the use of braces. If Dr. Janice Hall Ormsby determines that functional jaw orthopedics is a good therapy for your personal needs, she will work with you to determine an orthodontic plan to correct your jaw alignment. Often, our dentist will use a removable appliance that works to properly align your teeth by working in harmony with specific muscle forces.

After functional jaw orthopedic treatment, it is often not necessary to wear a retainer, or to wear one for just a short time. Dr. Janice Hall Ormsby will give you instructions for properly caring for your newly aligned smile.

If your jaws are not correctly aligned, braces may temporarily fix the cosmetic appearance of your smile, but you will still experience pain and the teeth may shift back out of position. Functional jaw orthopedics can help to ensure that your new smile with be beautiful, healthy, and last a lifetime.

There are many benefits that functional jaw orthopedics offers, including:

  • An improved, proportional facial profile
  • Proper breathing technique and airflow
  • Improved cosmetic appearance of your smile
  • Better jaw function and an improved and balanced bite

If you would like more information about functional jaw orthopedics in Ithaca, New York, we encourage you to contact us at East Shore Dental Care. We look forward to working with you to correct your smile!